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    Default GODS: Guardians of the Dragon Sanctuary Official Thread

    We are the Guardians Of the Dragon Sanctuary (GODS), an old Guild on Cannith that is going through a lot of changes, and is starting to organize things better in order to play the game at the best of its possibilities, also involving the whole server.

    At the moment guild members are all on an average level regarding endgame.
    We have fun in playing end game, and also like to have fun together in a nice and well mannered environment.

    We know we are asking a lot, about being strong and nice at the same time, but that is what we want.

    We aim to play on high skulls reaper at cap level, for both quests and raids.

    This means that we are looking for people with good skills and knowledge of the game, and a good background of TRs (Epics, Heroics, Racials).

    Equip and Reaper Points are something that can be worked on, Past lives are long to accomplish, so a good number of Past Lives is much appreciated.

    The main priority is to have fun all together and the wish to improve in game day by day, and to be well organized to achieve our goals.

    For examples, in high skull raids, roles are very important.
    According to the likes and possibilities of everyone we will decide roles and apply the best possible builds in order to accomplish the goal of the moment.

    PS. We will use a channel on DISCORD to organize better the raids.
    It is mandatory to join the discord channel to partecipate efficiently and effectively.
    If you are an old player in a guild you are bond too, there is no need to change guild, you can join us on the discord channel just to take part in the organization of raids.

    Would be nice if you join the guild, but is not an obligation to join us in high skull raids.

    I don't log on forum very much, feel free to send a tell to online people and ask for an officer or for Kam

    We generally ask to those who wanna join to play with us for 2 weeks to know each other

    cya online


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    Wasnt it always like that?
    What changed?
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    nothing changed, just wanted to clarify something.

    "Some people" did a post like this very unprecise, writing wrong also the name of the guild, so i wanted to make clear what is the name, the history of the guild etc... that post was full of distorted truths, just wanted to clarify and make order

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilomere View Post
    It is nice to test against GODS
    Just like to point out that Vincino, Fati, Gordon, and Tronko are all in Ascendance.
    That being said, I do like the GODS fellas, and wish them luck.
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