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    Default PDK Swashbuckler's Shortsword

    So, if you're building a PDK and going the Charisma-to-damage route, you're limited to "...shortswords, longswords, bastard swords, and greatswords".

    If Swashbuckling for the crit boost, you're effectively limited to "Dagger, Shortsword, Kukri, Rapier, Handaxe, Light Pick".

    And the intersection of those two groups is - shortswords.

    So, what shortsword would be best out-of-the-box? Looking to equip a challenge runner, so max ML 15 or lower, maybe ML 16 if it's a huge improvement, don't think I want to go (much) higher (but maybe???)


    The Crystal Cove blade(s) look interesting (but who knows when that will come around again), as does Razorend (how tough to farm?) - and with ~maybe~ a Mournlode blade to swap for undead? - but I'm really bad at this type of weapon-theory. :/

    Doing a Bard w/ Fighter 4/Rog 2, if that matters. Debating on SB or WC emphasis, but leaning toward the latter* - and the weapon may determine that.

    (* ala this build)

    thanks! o/

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Dog View Post
    So, what shortsword would be best out-of-the-box? Looking to equip a challenge runner, so max ML 15 or lower, maybe ML 16 if it's a huge improvement, don't think I want to go (much) higher (but maybe???)
    A cannith crafted level 15 SS would be my go to. If you don't do crafting, perhaps somebody can help ya out? You on G-Land?

    Shroud lightning striker is still pretty good at level 15, and if nothing else an envenomed blade is super easy to get.

    All should work pretty good for challenges.

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    Almost nothing beats razorend. Don't farm for it, buy tomes of the auction house. If you must 'farm', just do rats/wagons in orchard slayer and litany flagging
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    PDK bard is my build of choice so I'm very familiar with all the short sword options.

    Razorend - Probably the easiest "best shortsword" to get (assuming you get some pages yourself, maybe buy some, and have friends/guildies supply the rest). You can easily get one in a weekend and it means you don't need to take improved crit piercing.

    Treason - In my opinion is even better than Razorend if you have Improved Crit: Piercing. However, it's a raid item, so good luck.

    Greensteel (Triple Positive) - Best option for undead period. Better than a Barovian weapon, though the Barovian is much easier to get. If you don't have the spare Greensteel mats laying around, Barovian is nearly as good.

    Honorable Mention goes to:
    ToEE Upgraded - The AoE is absolutely brutal at lower levels, but falls off into the teens.
    Tiefling Assassin's Blade - you can literally use this until you get a Razorend.
    Luck Blade - 3 augment slots. Put in a meteoric star ruby, ruby eye of force, ruby eye of righteousness, sit back and enjoy the show.
    Sun Blade - Awesome for all the low level undead quests. But Barovian is better when you can use it.
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    Default the

    Well, they're not Razorend, but the following two are pretty easy to get and not bad. You'll need imp. crit with them though...
    Has very high base damage for an ML10 shortsword, although unfortunately no special effects other than a red augment slot. VERY easy to farm because the location is close to the entrance of the Sands wilderness.
    Is ML16... Pretty easy to acquire too, and although the base damage is not the highest, the poison adds up, AND the paralyzing effect is REALLY nice. Sure the DC is not high, but the opponent has to save EVERY time they are hit.

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