Hey guys, seems like very few posts on the Khyber forum recently.

I am a forum lurker but I've been playing alot lately and really enjoying the new content after a 4-5 year break. I've been lucky enough to get recruited into plague winds, recently guild level 200 with members that play in my late night west coast playtime and have been enjoying high reaper content with some of the best players on the server. I specialize in cc/instakill along with heals in high reaper content with 2 main characters, one on TR hamster wheel and one staying at cap flagged for all raids.

We usually have 1 or 2 spots free for leveling or running high reapers and will sometimes put up an LFM so keep an eye out if you are interested in high reapers even if you don't have lots of reaper points, gotta start somewhere right?

I put together pug late night r1 baba last night with 3 of us and 9 other people, got a little crazy but had a first life tank kick some serious ass and save the party even though we were low on DPS. Great times.

Will try to put an rso together once a week or so and we also run heroic Abbot once a week or so late night cause some people still need stuff from those. If anyone is interested in joining send a tell to Shanayney or Sahanna. Will offer teaching raids and teaching high reapers if you ask and are willing to learn. I would love to see more good players at the end game.

I've got good builds for people with only a few past lives to have enough DC for end game content for bards, cleric, fvs, warlock and sorc. Ask me if you need help with that. End game cc/instakill is not only for those with 70 past lives, 6 for spell pen is nice though.

Good luck and have fun. Remember this is a game not a job and smile more. Is plague winds just really smelly farts?