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    Default 23 Days of no support

    23 days and you people have not even replied to my ticket. This is beyond absurd, speechless.

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    Are you VIP, Premium or Free to Play?

    Only VIP have unlimited support. If Premium, when was the last time DDO saw your cash, b/c it doesn't last forever. If F2P, you may not be eligible for any support, unfortunately and depending on the issue.

    And many tickets are seen as bug reports, instead of the "I need help" request that you may have thought you were submitting, depending exactly what the problem is.

    If you have a valid problem (and not all problems are "valid" in the eyes of DDO, and reasonably so), I recommend you PM CS_Alkaid. I've had better luck w/ that than w/ tickets, but I also have always made sure that 1) my problems are legitimate ones, and 2) I've provide all the reference material they could want to quickly and easily resolve the issue. (i.e. Paid for X, haven't received X, here's my user account, the e-mail associated w/ that, the date and receipt number of the purchase, the server, the character's name, etc. etc. etc.)

    I also don't start the exchange with complaining/attacking/sarcasm (or finish, for that matter). Flies/sugar/vinegar and all that.

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