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    Default High Lords will host Riding the Storm Out teaching raid on Saturday, January 26

    Our last teaching raid in Thunderholme saw awesome turnout with 8 first-timers to Temple of the Deathwyrm and Fire on Thunder Peak! We had many returning players and 2 newcomers to our events. You can watch the live stream on my twitch channel at

    Next in our teaching raid series will be Riding the Storm Out on Saturday, January 26 at 9pm EST!

    The goal is to welcome newer players into the raiding scene, to teach people how raids work, to get players more comfortable with raids and to enhance the Sarlona community. There is no level cap for any of our teaching raids but you must be at least level 27 to enter Riding the Storm Out.

    If you are new to RSO, there is no flagging required!

    There are a couple things you should do to prepare for the raid:

    1. Twist in Energy Sheath (electric version) - we will continuously be struck by lightning throughout most of the raid, so Energy Sheath is very important. The lightning cannot be evaded. Energy Sheath is a tier 1 enhancement from the Draconic Incarnation epic destiny. Alternatively, you can use a 4-piece sentient weapon Electrocution filigree set for a permanent electric Energy Sheath effect.

    2. Bring an electrical absorption item if possible - with the massive amounts of electrical damage that we will encounter, an absorption item is helpful to wear in addition to having Energy Sheath. You can craft absorption items using Cannith Crafting or you can find randomly generated items with the descriptors "Electricity Absorption" or "Insulated". You can also use named items such as Ring of the Djinn, Prismatic Cloak or the new Legendary Ring of Flickering Steel from Update 41's Lost at Sea. A list of named electric absorption items can be found on DDOwiki here.

    Space is limited so reserve your spot ahead of time! If you would like to reserve a space in this Saturday's event, please contact me in game on Gingerspyce or preferably Voodu, who I've been playing most lately.

    This event will be live streamed on my twitch channel so even if you're not on Sarlona, you can watch, learn and ask questions live.

    Thank you to the community for all the support and special thanks to DDOCast for mentioning our events. We hope to see you in raids soon!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce and The High Lords of Malkier

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    Default another great turnout!

    Wow that was awesome! We had 8 signups again this week and once again all 8 were first timers to the raid. Riding the Storm Out can be a very punishing and unforgiving raid to newcomers, so this was a fun challenge as the raid leader to guide so many first timers through. Like all of our teaching raids, I always bring other High Lords with me who are experienced with the raid so that I can count on them filling certain roles and double checking my work if I misspeak or omit important information. Big thanks to Vlov (Yoa) for his awesome heals and for turning the undead trash mobs, Staash for tanking the dragon and Littlemama (Tooruk) for helping with the puzzles and for patiently guiding one of the first timers who was struggling with the north wall jump. I rely on my awesome guildies to help make these events successful and with so many first timers in a raid like RSO, it was clutch. You can watch the replay of the live stream on my Twitch channel vooduspyce.

    Going to skip a week for teaching raids. The next teaching raid will be the sequel to RSO with DDO's newest raid Killing Time on Saturday, February 9! There is no flagging but you must be at least level 28 to enter. I'll post details in the Sarlona forum soon.
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