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    Default DDOCast 545 - 2018 in Review pt 2

    Community Manager Cordovan joins us this week to talk about the DDO game and community news then we continue our 2018 year in review with Arkat, Vooduspyce, Taralyn, Nimvind, and Hephaestas

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    Game News - 5:38
    Community News - 22:;00
    2018 in Review pt 2 - 38:03

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    It's a shame about the rose-tinted goggles getting their sentient xp value reduced, but I tend to think of little oversights like this as an early-adopter bonus But as a basis for comparison with another essentially guaranteed loot item, even with only 10xp each, it's still considerably less effort to get them than the cheapest eveningstar commendation gear which only gives 20xp a pop.

    For Sharn if they go for a weapon with "pick the type, it's got these standardised effects" approach I'd like to nominate adamantine & everbright effects for it - it's the city of cogs, that suggests a lot of machinery, maybe rogue constructs & those cogs might be subject to corrosion from oozes too, so being given a tool that can deal with both threats would be both thematic & a make for a handy secondary weapon for pretty much everyone.

    I love WPM & the other quests from that pack are really fun too, it's nice to get a few more lower level quests from time to time. There's some sweet loot that can be great for lowbies too; the 2handed ooze beater, a 3/rest shield clicky & a couple of metalline weapons.

    The falconry tree has really grown on me now I've experimented some more - if you want to play a melee cleric but don't like the Warpriest tree or a melee druid but not use animal forms, it's particularly nice & lets you keep your spell DCs relatively effective too.

    Loving cosmetic cloaks - whenever I pull one now I'll make a point of checking out it's looks rather than just selling it straight off, but probably my overall favourite so far is the Phiarlan Mirror Cloak - incredibly simple & elegant, goes particularly well with the celebration armour/docent.

    I like that wood elf was added, here's hoping Duregar get added for dwarves in the same way.
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