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    Default Erdrique's Blog-Playing with Sentient Weapons

    When Ravenloft was released, so was Sentient Weapons. Erd and Sttollen have picked up their first weapons and have had fun so far: Playing with Sentient Weapons

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    The khopesh seems like a decent choice for that level but I would have done a better dagger. The sacrificial dagger at least has lifestealing on it, or you could do the Blade of the High Priestess for some occasional instakills. I recommend the drow dagger for lowbie ER sentience due to the increased threat which naturally scales with character power.
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    Yeah, I'll probably upgrade soon enough. I chose these two start with because they were easy to get.

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    Just to contribute abit, I've recently managed to farm the similar type of lvl 20 upgraded from ES trader (Warhammer) in my case. If you plan on sticking with epics, which what I've been doing, I'd suggest setting yourself up to use a sentient weapon every few levels. Example: lvl 20 (ES challenge trader weapon), 21 (drow weapon), 23 (Citw raid weapon), 28 (ES mines, Ravenloft weapons), 29 (white Plume Mountain weapons).

    So far having set up them all up at 5 slot prowess has been a challenge in itself but managed to do so recently is totally worth the time spent for working thru ETR's more efficiently. Working only on my main/only toon helps, this took approximately a full year and 100k of food if you do the math. Fun times lol...

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