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    Default Godzilla - Charisma Based Dragonborn DC Caster

    -> Godzilla <-

    This is a dragonborn, charisma-based evocation caster. My plan is to play it at cap for a change of pace and farm some reaper points. It’s based on my main character which is why you’ll see it presented with an odd collection of tomes, 7 racial APs and 39-40 reaper points. It should be pretty solid in high reaper content by contributing with heals and CC. In low to mid reaper, a quick destiny tweak to pick up energy burst should set things up nicely.

    Race: Dragonborn – Red Dragon Ancestry
    I was torn on either charisma Dragonborn or wisdom Aasimar. I’ve got a +7 Cha tome and only +4 Wis, so I’m going Dragonborn (plus, putting an Aasimar into the header pic would look silly!!)

    Starting Stats:
    STR – 8/10
    DEX – 8/10
    CON – 18/21
    WIS – 8/12
    INT – 12/15
    CHA – 20/24 + level ups
    My character is a heroic completionist (+2 all stats) and has 7 racial past lives that grant an additional +2 CHA, +2 WIS, +2 INT, +1 CON. Tomes are +7 CHA and +4 everywhere else.

    Starting Feats: Heroic
    1 - Maximize*
    1 – Follower of Olladra
    2 - Grace of Battle
    3 - Empower**
    5 - Energy Absorb Acid
    6 – Heighten
    7 – Purity of Heart
    9 – Quicken
    10 – Energy Absorb Fire
    12 – Spell Penetration
    15 – Greater Spell Penetration
    15 – Energy Absorb Electric
    18 – PL Wizard

    *Starting with Maximize is my plan. I’ll have enough DCs to land most spells at lower levels so the DPS bump will have more value I suspect. At some point, before taking 20, I plan on swapping Maximize out and Spell Focus Evocation in. The deciding factor will be when maximized and empowered blade barriers start losing their effectiveness.

    **Empower is in the same boat as Maximize. It will get swapped out for completionist.

    NOTE: The longer you wait the costlier it is to do feat exchanges. I have a ton of Flawless Siberys Dragonshards and there is also the once a life feat exchange token obtained from the hall of the mark quest in the marketplace.

    Spell Focus: I’m not 100% committed to taking Spell Focus Evocation. While this is an evocation focused build, I have 3 sorcerer past lives (+3 evocation focus) and plan on taking 3 more evocation focus from the top of the Dragonborn tree. If I find I am overkilling evocation DCs, I will give some thought to necromancy (destruction/slay living), enchantment (greater command) or conjuration (cometfall). The point being, if you have the base spell focus it opens up another 5 DC from destiny twists. Definitely something to keep in mind.

    Feats: Epic
    21 – Epic Spell Penetration
    24 – Burst of Glacial Wrath
    26 – Epic Spell Power: Positive
    27 – Embolden
    28 – Mass Frog
    29 – Elusive Target
    30 – Arcane Insight
    30 – Scion of … ***

    *** There are a few options here. Air gives you +4 evocation DC and +2 necro. If I find that my evocation DC is overkill, I might take Shadowfell which gives me +4 necro and +2 evocation.

    • Max ranks in: UMD, Spellcraft and Heal
    • 1x rank in tumble
    • 10x ranks of jump
    • Concentration

    Enhancements (80+9 racial) *In the process of changing this - for raids/harder content, T5 BoH with min 32 points, 41 points AoV, 16 Racial - 4 left over, likely BoH. For easier content, T5 AoV ...

    Dragon Born – 16+6
    • Core 1-4 (6 points)
    • Arcanum 3 (6 points)
    • Power in breath 3 (3 points)
    • True Power 3 (3 points)
    • Resilience 2 (4 points)

    Beacon of Hope – 32
    • Core 1-3 (3 points)
    • Spell Points 3 (6 points)
    • MRR 4 (2 points)
    • CHA +1 (2 points)

    Angel of Vengeance – 41
    • Core 1-6 (6 points)
    • Smiting 1 (2 points)
    • Nimbus of light 3 (3 points)
    • Wand and Scroll Mastery 3 (3 points)
    • Just Rewards 3 (3 points)
    • Sunbolt 3 (3 points)
    • Spell Pen 1 (2 points)
    • +1 CHA (2 points)
    • +1 CHA (2 points)
    • Intense Faith 3 (6 points)
    • Cometfall 3 (3 points)
    • Unstoppable magic 3 (3 points)
    • Evocation Focus (2 points)
    • Zealous Faith 2 (2 point)

    Epic Destiny – Exalted Angel (Magister for DCs is now option with he latest patch)

    • Charisma 6 (12 points)
    • Healing Power 3 (3 points)
    • Radiant Power 2 (2 points)
    • Endless Faith 2 (2 points)
    • Spell Pen 3 (3 points)
    • Divine Wrath (2 points)

    Twists ( consider)
    • Spell Pen +3 – magister tier 3
    • Evocation Specialist +3 – magister tier 2
    • Evocation +2 – draconic tier 2
    • Meld - shadow dancer tier 3

    • 1. Nightshield, Protection from Evil, Command, open
    • 2. Soundburst, Hold Person, Remove Paralysis, open
    • 3. Prayer, Blindness, open, open
    • 4. FOM, DeathWard, Holy Smite, Order’s Wrath
    • 5. Greater Command, Divine Punish., Slay Living, open
    • 6. Cometfall, Heal, Symbol of Persuasion
    • 7. Protect. Elements Mass, Destruction, Resurrection
    • 8. Cure Crit Mass, Symbol of Death, Mass Deathward
    • 9. Implosion, True Res., Energy Drain

    Reaper Points (41)

    Dire Thaumaturge Pretty much the entire tree.


    I’m terrible at setting up gear. Watch this space as I try and figure out what will work best. I’ve seen a few gear sets proposed by Slarden, DrawingGuy and MultiPro – I will probably draw on their suggestions heavily.

    Quote Originally Posted by slarden View Post
    Helm: Legendary Pansophic Circlet
    Necklace: Slavelord Crafted: Radiance 185, Con +17, Heal 22, Quality Con 4 with yellow slot and sorc set bonus
    Trinket: Slavelord Crafted: Sheltering 45, Resistance 14, Spellsight 22, Quality PRR 11, yellow slot and sorc set bonus
    Cloak: Level 21 Mysterious Cloak
    Belt: Slavelord Crafted: Legendary Burning Sash
    Ring 1: Legendary Spinneret with Sorc Set
    Gloves: Healing Hands of House Jorasco
    Boots: Legendary Softsole Slippers
    Ring 2: Slavelord Crafted Dex 17, Radiance Lore 27%, UMD +7, Quality Fort 45%, Yellow Slow, Sorc Set
    Bracers: Slavelord Crafted Charisma 17, Jump 22, Force Lore 27%, Quality Charisma 4, Yellow Slow, Sorc Set
    Armor: Legendary Coat of the Traveller
    Goggles: LGS Triple Fire (Stacking Fire Crit Damage x3)
    Main Weapon: Nightmother's Sceptre (Impulse gem slotted for implement bonus +4 piece eye of the otto with charisma, + 4 other charisma)
    Secondary Weapon: Golden Orb of Death

    Quote Originally Posted by DrawingGuy View Post

    CHA gear:
    Goggles: Van Richten's Spectacles
    Helm: Legendary Hardened Hide
    Necklace: Slavers (False Life 68 (or WIS 17 if you didn't take Personality), 185 Radiance (or Devotion or Impulse), Heal 22, Quality DEX (or Quality Spellsight for 5 more spell power at the cost of 2 Ref/AC))
    Trinket: Legendary Symbol of the Slave Lords
    Cloak: Cloak of the Mountain - Insightful CHA 9, Spell Focus Mastery 7, Spell Penetration 8, 10% Magic Efficiency, Mountain set bonus (30/15 exceptional acid, stoneskin proc)
    Belt: Legendary Burnscar Sash (swap to Legendary Silverthread Belt for healing)
    Gloves: Legendary Gauntlets of Innate Arcanum
    Boots: Slavers (CON 17, Radiance Lore 27% (or Devotion or Impulse), Concentration 22, Quality PRR)
    Bracers: Bracers of the Mountain - PRR 52, Ins PRR 25, Insightful Spell Penetration 4, Petrification Immunity, Mountain set bonus (30/15 exceptional acid, stoneskin proc)
    Ring 1: Clouded Dreams - Exceptional Potency 20, Exceptional Spell Lore 10%, Insightful Spell Focus Mastery 4, Improved Nightmare Guard (DC 100), Mind Drain (-5% Max Spell Points), -4 Will Saves
    Ring 2: Legendary Spinneret
    Armor: Legendary Coat of the Traveler (or heavy equivalent if you go for the feat)

    Main Weapon: Morninglord's Sceptre
    Offhand Weapon: Legendary Greensteel (Positive Healing Amp 30, Positive Healing Amp 50, Exc Char +2 (or Positive Healing Amp 70 if you care more about self healing))

    Offhand swaps:
    - Healer mode: Hope, The Light Within
    - Boss DPS mode: Dusk, the Light Descends
    - If you need to swap on a spell absorb trinket (so you can still get set bonus): Legendary Mutilator of Minds

    Alternatively you can take a hit to your heals, fire, and force damages to run Dusk in your mainhand with LGS offhand. This setup could also easily use Staff of Irian, though that will hit your heals and hamp.
    In conclusion ...
    This is my first time posting a build, I'm happy to accept feedback of all sorts. I'm about to embark on this life and will do my best (time permitting) to make some comments about the levelling process.
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    I'd change elusive target for something else as it really isn't a good feat. Especially at the lvl 29 feat slot as there are more options. Picks to consider, arcane pulse for more offense or deific warding or font of life for defensive / more healing.

    Not sure what the 10 points in harper is for? Is it just for the CHA? I'd take those points and go up more in the Beacon tree, should be more useful enhancements in there and should be able to reach the CHA there.
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