after purchasing Mists of RavenLoft and redeeming the 30-day ViP code, an issue has come forward....the Sub expired on 12-23/2018 and I kept a watch on it because the "auto-email" says it will RENEW on said date if I do not CANCEL and gives info on how to cancel by clicking on "Manage Subscriptions"...however once in DDO Store and following the "auto-email info" it does not match up at all and also the "HOLD or CANCEL option" that auto-email says will appear never appeared on 12-23/ here is issue - after clicking Manage Subscription it shows *No Subscription yet" but when I click on Subscriptions a List of Paid-Subscription options appear and the Store has "auto-selected" the option for 30-day Sub at 14.99 a month {will not let me un-check} plus "CONTINUE tab" is lit up green because of the auto-selection.... I do not want to click CONTINUE at all {no other Option to turn-it off}, but I'd also like auto-selected option cleared since I wasn't the one who did that either...not kidding, I can not un-click that 30-day option....a response from Game would be appreciated

p.s. maybe going through auto-emails of ViP Codes offered in Expansions and making sure "all info matches up" would be a good idea as well