I've been using Iconics to test and learn the game -- raw newbie levels just don't come close to permitting any discovery about how things really work. I wanted to try a ranged build but really can't because there aren't any ranged-weapon Iconics. Fairly simple change. Doubt it will ever happen, but I think it's nice:

I wish Iconics could "shop" from a gear-vendor + extra effect application vendor for their basic gear. Nothing to compete with other crafting -- only the same bonuses they have now -- but with other base-gear choices. Born as any L1 class would be nice, too. This would make them less "Iconic" and more of a L15 racial variant, but far more versatile and fun. It would play into D&D's biggest strength, too: variety and player customization.

This kind of change reduces the dev-effort for new iconic/racial-variants by removing class and gear from that process. New "races" added this way could share the current Iconic PL ruleset -- no ever-expanding list for completionists. Same game-effort or DDO points to unlock as usual, etc.. A new race would only need a tweaked racial enhancement tree with an optional unique appearance and/or armor skin. Then kick back and let players figure out class and gear (which they'll do anyway).