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    A was able to complete Disciples of Shar with three different PDK builds.

    9 Clr Strength Domain 6 Ftr
    Magic Backlash from Warpriest was hilariously effective in this quest. Also used Missile Shield from VG really helps a lot against archers.

    6 Ftr 6 Clr Str Domain 3 Pal

    Had around 40 of each saves nice tank right out of the box.

    12 Sorc 3 Ftr SWF
    Went with shock and awe here Tier 5 EK. Subtle Force for arrow deflection again a big help. Fire Shield was strong too.

    Was a lot of fun thanks
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    PDK SWF Shar Runner
    14/1 Paladin/Fighter
    Lawful Good Purple Dragon Knight
    Level Order
    1. Fighter         6. Paladin        11. Paladin
    2. Paladin         7. Paladin        12. Paladin
    3. Paladin         8. Paladin        13. Paladin
    4. Paladin         9. Paladin        14. Paladin
    5. Paladin        10. Paladin        15. Paladin
                   32pt     Level Up
                   ----     --------
    Strength         8       4: CHA
    Dexterity       14       8: CHA
    Constitution    14      12: CHA
    Intelligence    10
    Wisdom          10
    Charisma        18
     1        : Single Weapon Fighting
     1 PDK    : Force of Personality
     1 Fighter: Precision
     3        : Magical Training
     6        : Improved Single Weapon Fighting
     9        : Improved Critical: Slashing
    12        : Greater Single Weapon Fighting
    15        : Knight's Training
     2 Deity  : Follower of: Helm
     7 Deity  : Ever Watchful
    1. Divine Favor (5), <Any>, <Any>
    2. Resist Energy (9), <Any>
    3. Cure Moderate Wounds (12), <Any>
    4. Holy Sword (15)
    Enhancements (56 of 60 AP) Knight of the Chalice (39 AP)
    • Slayer of Evil, Courage of Heaven, Slayer of Evil II, Improved Courage of Heaven
      1. Extra Turning III, Extra Smite II
      2. Exalted Cleave III, Melee Power Boost III
      3. Improved Restoration II, Vigor of Life, Exalted Smite I, Charisma
      4. Censure Demons, Vigor of Life, Empowered Smite, Charisma
      5. Censure Outsiders, Holy Retribution III, Avenging Cleave III, Sealed Life
    Sacred Defender (14 AP)
    • Holy Bastion, Sacred Defense, Divine Righteousness
      1. Extra Lay On Hands III, Durable Defense III
      2. Resilient Defense II
      3. Tenacious Defense III
    Purple Dragon Knight (3 AP)
    • Damage Boost
      1. Cormyrean Knight Training
    Listed spells don't require reagents but you will need Owl's Wisdom potions if you don't want to rely on Ever Watchful for your WIS bonus.

    Pros: high survivability, good DPS (for a paladin with a longsword anyway), Holy Retribution is a pretty good AoE instakill at this level
    Cons: Took 27 1/2 minutes to finish, largely because I had no way of interrupting the Disciples from self-healing. They're immune to Holy Retribution's instakill, so they just keep going and going and going...
    Major build threads: Axesinger / Dwarven Defender / Drow Ninja / Drow Paladin / Elven Ranger / Monkcher / Sacred Vanguard / Cleric Domains / Kundarak Brigade / Iconic Builds
    My Build Index: a Motley Menagerie of Original Rapscallions, Pugilists, and Gimps!

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    So I rolled a Tiefling Scoundrel with ranger 11 for IPS.
    Scoundrel does not come with an Int item, so going harper is not really worth it.
    It does come with a vorpal crossbow, so it ain't so bad.

    AP I dumped 34ish into Inquisitive, 11 into swash and 13 into DWS.

    Ran normal because not VIP. Will try harder difficulty later.

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    I love seeing these builds. I wish the "test" was a bit shorter, but it does cover the case of "can this character do low-shrine quests, too?" If the build can handle Disciples with baby iconic gear, there's absolutely no doubt it will be quite effective once geared up!

    Quote Originally Posted by cru121 View Post
    AP I dumped 34ish into Inquisitive, 11 into swash and 13 into DWS.
    I turned my thrower monk into an inquisitive for her second life (to earn scoundrel ITR feat). That tree is a LOT of fun and incredibly strong -- at level R1 solo of Impossible Demands was something she couldn't do as a thrower. Even post-29, Inquisitive DPS outperformed shuriken, though I suspect a real maximized thrower would top it (my thrower only had 86'ish DEX, iirc).

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    Ran an aasimar scourge with inquis falconry with no problems.

    I also ran an animal domain cleric with inquis falconry using the aasimar scourge iconic with absolute ease. So 14 cleric 1 ranger.

    I used a heavy crossbow from my storage that had improved vorpal.

    Was by far the easiest build to do this run with. Im sure it could be done with any class/MC. The DPS was great with the CC of falconry and 30% helpless damage.

    The mobs were easy to deal with, just flip em the bird and mow them down

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