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    Default Twf vs thf: how much difference?

    Hi all! I was just wondering how much of a difference in dps between the two? I like the look of 2handers more but I don’t want to seriously handicap myself. Thanks for any advice!

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    Depends what level of content you're playing. If you're doing heroic (1-20) then I'd argue that THF is probably stronger because of it's synergy with cleaves, whereas TWF is definitely more single-target DPS which tends to come out ahead at endgame. Frankly the difference isn't so massive that you should feel the need to avoid one or the other. If you want to play a THF, just do it.

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    TWF is arguably potentially higher DPS, BUT you have to invest heavily into the TWF feats for it to be effective. THF works straight off the bat, even without taking any of the THF feats. It also has better synergy with power attack and cleaves. I believe the area and range your attacks cover - the "hit box" - is slightly larger. There is also the advantage that you only need to carry ONE of each type of weapon, rather than two!

    TWF does have an advantage with weapons that deliver special attacks like poison/vorpal/paralyze etc on hit, because you are getting more chances for those to trigger. Also, with weapons that add features like spellpower boosts, say, or seeker effects, TWF gives you double the amount of potential boosts.

    At the end of the day, the details of your build, your class, your relevant ability score and the feats and enhancements you take, and of course the gear you have, are going to make much more of a difference than just a straight up choice between TWF or THF. If you like the idea of wielding a two-handed weapon, go ahead.

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    At level 1, THF always comes out ahead, even on a ranger. So no worries.
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    What's the best THF weapon class?

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