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    Default Larger friend list please

    I have quite a few friends I run with when I see them on and at my lvl, plus their alts if I play with them. Today I got a message saying my friend list is full. I searched online, and saw this has been an issue that many people have asked about over the past 8 yrs. Can the friend list please be enlarged ? There are abt 2000 players per server. Most with alts as well. Such a small friend list is not working. Here are a few suggestions about the friend list that I found in the forums :

    Quote Originally Posted by Dispel View Post
    2011 : People have a lot of friends sometimes. Well sometimes people also have a lot of alts.

    I don't know what the friend's list limit is, but when I want to add somebody I'm finding it harder-and-harder to decide who to delete!

    Please give us like 100 more or something? It's really annoying.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDearLeader View Post
    This wouldn't be a problem if we worked like other games, and Friend/Squelch lists worked by account, not first name.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gkar View Post
    The biggest problem with the friends list is it should be account wide both for you, and the account you add.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asketes View Post
    I like this idea; like myself, many of my friends have between 5 and 10 active alts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lithic View Post
    I would like to ask for a "Last online" column be added to our friend's list (Like the one in the guild list). It would be nice to know that the friend I havent seen in 3 months hasnt logged in for 3months, and would be a safe delete.
    Quote Originally Posted by Armathia View Post
    2008 : the cap is 150 n I would like just a cpl more *hint hint* lol w/ everyones alts it adds up fast
    Quote Originally Posted by SabinSeptor View Post
    This would also help with the people that have reached the friend cap. Seeing as I have non guild friends with all 9/10 char slots used I would like to see this implemented too. then I can add their other alts
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay203 View Post
    personally i'd rather they change the way friend list works so that we don't have to enter 5 different names for 5 different toons owned by a single player. group them up, notify when the user is on rather than when the toon is on
    Quote Originally Posted by Jared22 View Post
    2015 : There is a max amount of friends a character can have in the game. It is roughly 150 friends. I don't like to ever dismiss a friend. Many people play DDO on a casual basis and I like questing with those people when they are on. I also have many friends from specific guilds and there are a lot of guilds and I don't want to miss out on anyone, especally if I really like the guild. People also have different characters in they play. I like to be able to catch all the characters they play. I now have three main characters I play. So if everyone had three and I wanted to keep all my friends characters, I could only really be friends with about fifty people. If a server had only fifty people on it, it would probably be closed down. Finally, I play at all hours of the day and night. Lots of different people play on certain times. I want to keep all of those friends with all their characters so I am never without. That would be great.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tygre View Post
    would love to see the interface changed to allow FOLDERS for a person...
    So that all of Bob's characters end up in one location/folder once I add them individually. Would help to know if Bob is on as people tend to play with people as opposed to characters.
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    From what I understand, the devs are trying to recruit new players, and keep old ones, by offering incentives such as the buddy bonus and such. They want the game to be more social than what it's becoming. One way to promote the social aspect of this game, is to not limit how many friends we can have on our list. 150 is just not enough. I have a lot of players on my list with just one of their characters. Quite a few people on my list, I have 1-4 of their alts as well. This enables me to play with them with my different leveled alts as well. You can't realistically expect us to remember the names of every single character we like to run with, and chat with, over that limit of 150. I can remember my regulars, sure. But not the ones that I've only run with a cpl of times, but that asked me to add them to their friends so we can group together again in the future.

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