Hello, the following is my suggestion for a general rework of KOTC for better usability and a bit more dps. This is a copy/paste from my PC thread. I had to remove all NDA things which include any Dev or PC feedback. Post your thoughts here and I will try to get the devs to read it. Even if they keep up with the thread they are deep into Sharn right now so doubtful any changes will happen until after the expansion. There are two goals here I am aiming for: keep changes minimal so more likely to happen, focus on usability over increasing power.

Only two changes here. Ghost Touch on weapons moved to level 3. I don't think a Hunter of the Dead should be behind Wolf or EK builds. Second change is to move Immunity to Energy Drain to level 12 core.

I will be listing the tree by row and column. The first enhancement listed for each tier goes in column one and so on. I am trying to keep a theme to each column.
Column one is undead and healing amp.
Two is channel divinity and dps increasers.
Three is misc.
Four is cleave and smite buffs.
Five is boosts, stats, and deity.

Tier I:
Extra Turning: Same as now but add "If you are a level one, two, or three character and only have Paladin levels you gain the turn undead feat(Paladins are granted turn undead at level 4). This solves a lot of the inability to access the lower part of the tree before you gain Turning. Similar to what Tempests get at level one for TWF.
Divine Might: Lower cost to 1 ap per rank.
Altruism: Copied from Radiant Servant.
Extra Smite:
Action Boost Attack: Change to Attack and Damage same as Fighter(if not currently).

Tier II:
Improved Turning:
Divine Light:
Rally: I don't know but this needs improved
Power Boost:

Tier III:
Healing Amp:
Divine Sacrifice:
Improved Restoration: Combine with Extra Remove Disease.
Exalted Smite:

Tier IV:
Healing Amp:
Censure Demons:
Empowered Smite:

Tier V:
Healing Amp:
Holy Retribution: 1k health is too low for epics. Change to Paladin level x100 or something else that scales.
Censure Outsiders:
Zealot: You gain +1 crit multiplier on 19-20 when using your Deities favored weapon.