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    Default Devs - FYI & FWIW

    Almost exactly a year ago I switched from running on Win back to Mac.

    About two weeks ago I started encountering some major problems:

    • Long delays when going from launcher to client & when accessing the store from the client.
    • Increasing frequency of the black/green/grey walls at the seams between sections of the quests.
    • Game freezes that sometimes freezes the Mac.
    • Stuttering & Lag are increasing.

    I want to let you know that I am enjoying playing and your content is well done.

    Also, when there are crashes I am sending the info to Apple for them to analyze. If you contact them I am sure they will provide the info to you and maybe (at least they used to when OSX was first released) even help you get things figured out as they only want applications that work well.

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    FWIW - I am experiencing very similar behavior on the PC/Win version of the client.

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