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    Default Returning player looking for a guild on Sarlona

    Been gone a while but now I'm getting back into things and leveling a new character on it's first life. Any guilds out there recruiting?

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    Default Check out The Wulfepack

    Welcome back. The Wulfepack is always recruiting. We have a good mix of vets and newbies. We do raid every week usually on the weekends. You can check out our site listed in my signature.


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    Default Legends of Under Mountain will accept

    We are always open for new and veteran players to our guild. No pressure of placed on our members; except notifying an officer if gone for more than 2 months. Other than that; have fun and provide help to others if you can, or if you need as well. Reach for Kassandri, Sadyri, or Arcea for invite.

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    Default Tyrs Paladium is Interested!

    Tyrs Paladium on Ghallanda LOVES returning players. We are celebrating our TENTH Year as a guild. We are no drama, for DDOers 30+ years of age and older (we'll make a rare exception), have 100 ACTIVES, and a legendary family of adventurers that keep coming back to play. We are close knit and have a very very active website. Everyone knows everybody in Tyrs.

    Check us out - I promise you it will be worth it from a camaraderie/teamwork perspective. You'll be part of the fam from DAY ONE. And we'll help to get you up to snuff in no time. Help in Tyrs is EVERYWHERE

    Research our Guild here: Read our official Recruitment thread | Sign up here: Tyrs Guild Website!
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