There are things that I need help brainstorming and I want to do it while having some enjoyment on DDO.

I wish for ddo questing buddies who would discuss the following sort of things with me as we'd run quests, taking occasional breaks to write down notes.

I have multiple leveled characters (25 characters all together) so it's unlikely that I'd not have a character in your range.

Example questions related to project:

1-Is it possible to create a culture where people are trained to become immune to the charisma of others? (For example, an entire culture of people who raise their guard in the presence of people who come off as charismatic rather than lower their guard).

2-Would the culture in question one be critically less hospitable towards machiavellian types in your opinion?

3-How would you personally go about designing a culture against The Dark Triad?

4-How all in your opinion could a culture revolve around the process of Self-actualization?

5-Could reality TV be utilized as a tool for effectively and non-violently spreading cultural change through simply exhibiting a different culture and showing how all it works while encouraging people to identify as part of said culture?

6-How would you go about weaving a philosophy into a culture?

7-Is there a book that is rather short and sweet (150 pages or less) that accurately and thoroughly describes a single culture that you'd recommend for formatting purposes?