Getting ready to do another DG Wizard life. I've looked at the trees a lot since then and have come up with what makes sense to me for a Wizard build. Evocation Archmage for DPS, PM for healing followed up with gear and feats to be effective at DC casting. Still new to casters and my last Wizard life was an interesting learning experience.

I'm going to grab all the usual Meta feats and then SF x 2 for Necro and Enchant. With PL Wizard and DG stance my DC's should be about the same as they were my 1st DG Wizard life. Force, at least if the spells hit and with some force +items should allow me to dps while using less mana than full spells. For high evasion mobs either hold monster and nuke or insta-kill. Sticking some points into PM for self-healing, at least through heroics until I can use heal scrolls/cocoon in Epics.

I can always use feat swap after Epics and re-do enhancements to a more standard DG Illusionist build if I run into issues.

Deep Gnome - Points spent: 18
1 Core (1) Wariness I
2 Core (2) Wisdom I: Intelligence
3 Core (1) Wariness II
4 Core (2) Wisdom II: Intelligence
5 Tier2 (1) Color Spray 3
8 Tier2 (1) Hardy Nature
9 Tier3 (1) Illusion 3
12 Tier2 (1) Hardy Nature 2
14 Tier4 (1) Phantasmal Killer 3
Arch-Mage - Points spent: 38
1 Core (1) Specialization I: Evocation I: Magic Missile
2 Tier1 (1) Subtle Spellcasting 3
5 Tier1 (1) Traditionalist Caster 2
7 Core (1) Specialization II: Evocation II: Gust of Wind
8 Tier1 (2) Spell Critical: Elemental and Force I
9 Tier2 (2) Spell Critical: Elemental and Force II
10 Tier3 (2) Spell Critical: Elemental and Force III
11 Tier3 (2) Intelligence I
12 Core (1) Specialization III: Evocation III: Chain Missile
13 Tier3 (1) Arcane Bolt 3
16 Tier3 (2) Spell Penetration 3
19 Core (1) Specialization IV: Evocation IV: Fire Shield
20 Tier4 (2) Intelligence II
21 Tier4 (2) Spell Critical: Elemental and Force IV
22 Tier5 (1) Arcane Blast 3
25 Tier5 (2) Arcane Supremacy
26 Core (1) Specialization V: Evocation V: Cyclonic Blast
27 Tier4 (2) School Mastery: Primary Spell Focus: Evocation
Pale Master - Points spent: 24
1 Core (1) Dark Reaping
2 Tier1 (1) Negative Energy Conduit 3
5 Tier1 (2) Spell Critical: Negative Energy I
6 Tier2 (2) Spell Critical: Negative Energy II
7 Core (1) Shroud of the Zombie
8 Tier2 (1) Bone Armor 3
11 Tier3 (2) Ability I: +1 Intelligence
12 Core (1) Shroud of the Vampire
13 Tier1 (2) Deathless Vigor 3
16 Tier4 (2) Ability II: +1 Intelligence
17 Core (1) Shroud of the Wraith

PS Yes, I know they are starting the Wizard pass, but 15-30 was quick on my last Wiz life and if this works I think this will be even faster.

Thanks for any and all feedback Even the insulting kind, providing it's at least productively insulting or entertaining!