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    Default Returning player looking to join a guild

    Been gone a long while and just recently came back to the game. I'm currently working on leveling a first life warlock and could use some buffs and advice from time to time. I have a random play schedule that bounces around the morning and early afternoon central time, so I doubt I will be able to raid or anything like that. Really just looking for a group to visit with and to run an occasional dungeon.

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    Default High Keepers of Peace

    Hello, I am an officer from the High Keepers of Peace,

    We are currently trying to do some recruiting and are accepting those of all experience!

    you can send a tell to Fladeshield in the game and I would be glad to help you from there!
    Sarlona - Wolfgame (2), Deviltron (18), Aylaro (17), Fladeshield (15).

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