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    Exclamation Multiple Accounts... on accident. Recovered old one. New one is VIP. Help?

    Okay, so normally when you try to make an account on a website and enter your email address, if you already have an account it will say "that email address is already in use." Well, I didn't realize it doesn't do that here.

    Okay. So. Back in 2009ish-2011, I played DDO as a cleric. I only played on one server, only really played that one character. Got it to level 20 apparently.
    Anyway, I spent money on that account. I also have a lot of nifty crafted items (does green steel still exist?), things like raider rewards, and just irreplaceable stuff. When I started replaying on a new account (under the assumption that my old one had simply been deleted by DDO), I started adjusting to the massive differences as I was exploring various classes and races starting at level one (and then at level 4). I bought a few things - like lvl 4 Veteran status, 32 point build, some adventures, etc before going VIP.

    Then I got my old account recovered last night (thanks SSG!) and logged in and abilities were lost because they had to be in enhancement trees, but other than that, I had cool stuff (including a cake that turned into a tome!).

    So now we have an old f2p w/premium account with stuff that's irreplaceable from the character to her gear and so forth, and a new account with different premium stuff, DDO points, and a bunch of characters on different servers as I test things out (but definitely a couple in particular that I really like), etc.

    What do you think my options are?
    I know I cant eat my cake and have it, too ... right? Like there's no way to just transfer that lvl 20 character and her inventory to my new account... is there? And what about the things I paid for over there? Can I have those credited to this account? I'd like to *not* lose money or opportunities. Frig.

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    Default I concur

    Well SSG

    I certainly would like to know your policy on character transfers between accounts. I have not been able to get any information on such a thing despite a wealth of information on your websites.

    But I know there are families that play together on more than 1 account that could use a service like this. Character transfers between accounts are probably not allowed due to some potential for abuse by outside parties. Nevertheless a simple explanation from SSG would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ixitlcoatl View Post
    ....Character transfers between accounts are probably not allowed due to some potential for abuse by outside parties....
    Well, you answered your own question.

    If one of the Powers steps in to reiterate this, they might even add that there's no functionality in their tech to do such a thing even if they wanted to. But mainly what you already said yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohayou View Post
    ...[B]So now we have an old f2p w/premium account with stuff that's irreplaceable..., and a new (VIP) account...

    What do you think my options are?
    For better or worse, sounds like you're now the proud owner of a VIP account and a Premium account. Not that that's a terrible thing - one can act as an opener for new alts on the other, as a double for farming chests, as a mule/experimental build account, etc etc - lots of benefits.

    (see dual-boxing)

    They say "It never hurts to ask" - so you can try - but (and sorry) I'd bet against it. :/

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