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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilomere View Post
    Champion hidden immunity to various arcane CC spells on top of needing to hard target yourself to cast spells into the ground most of the time, and sometimes needing to target mobs to cast other spells creates a messy game play.
    Thanks T, that's a great point. Champ hidden immunity is infuriating especially because champs are the only thing I bother instakilling now and ~50% of champs are immune.

    Show us the deathward on top of their heads all the time instead of AFTER we cast the spell! Please, so we stop wasting thousands of mana every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katalissa View Post
    Damn, even I'M not THAT bad! Well, usually...

    The new tree is certainly a noticeable DPS increase over the old one.

    The ranged issue does rear its head, as does spells just disappearing into the distance instead of hitting the stuff thats, you know - IN TOUCH RANGE where its supposed to be limited to...
    The whole "facing a mob" logic is really crappy in this game. It seems like the caster is represented by a circle/square instead of a point. Mobs can move in side this area. Even though they appear in front of you, they mathematically are not. Additionally there seems to be a minimum radius which mobs need to be outside of in order to be hit by AOE spells. Personally I'd like to see the whole facing logic tossed as it's just a PIA during lag and for touch ranged spells. At the very least reduce it to points in the center of each model.
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