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    Default UI size ratio to screen

    I recently got a dedicated gaming machine. My 17" laptop screen was fine to play DDO but I had to get a different computer and so I got a 32" monitor.

    I have seen screenshots on the forums of the UI being much smaller in relation to the monitor size. However, when I plugged my monitor in, it seems like the UI just grew in size to fit the new screen. Is there any fix for this?

    I run in 1920x1080. If I got a better graphics card, would I have higher resolutions to choose from?

    Thanks everyone!

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    UI size is based on resolution. If you are merely increasing the size of a monitor but keeping the same resolution the UI will just scale with the monitor. The higher the resolution the smaller the UI gets. (There really needs to be an option to scale it yourself regardless of resolution.)
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    Yeah, UI scaling is based on your resolution and get spread over the lenght of your screen.
    Wich makes running on 1920 hard and anoying on 4k.

    We've been asking for a rework on the ui, from what i understood, the devs would need to redo all the art assets from spells, enh, feats, etc.

    What i don't understand is why hp bars(and the party members names) couldn't be easily scaled up, the same goes for the chat.

    We asked a whille back and cordo's responce was that he didn't think enough people were running high resolution to justify the allocation of time and resources to rework the ui.
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