Hello fellow DDO players!

I have just gotten the Quivering quiver, which has spammed my inventory with arrows of all Xoriat types. I am looking to get rid of them, however, would not like to throw them all away, as the effects are great. currently, the Base Values of the arrows are at 1000-2000 pp per every hundred. I however, would like to get them out of my inventory, thus i am selling them for 500 platinum for every 1000 you buy. Please see me on the Sarlona Server and send an in-game mail to Wolfgame. I will then help you and other potential buyers get their share. If these are selling fine, i will be glad to give each and every potential buyer triple the offer for the same single offer. (3000 arrows for 500 platinum) I hope to see these go by fast, First come first serve. No limits for how many arrows you can buy! If there are 2 or more, I will give the same deal. Please help clear mu inventory and get these arrows!