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    Default Question on Deity Feat

    In the feat The Blood is the Life feat for the Blood of Vol deity, does the +4 CON and +100% fortification bonus stack with normal enhancement bonuses for CON and fort? Meaning, is it its own unique bonus type?

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    Look up, way up, in space.


    Parking to find out also.

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    Yes, for a time.

    You are a devoted follower of The Blood of Vol, and your zeal has been rewarded. Activate this ability to draw upon the power within your own blood for 24 seconds plus 6 seconds per Religious Lore feat you have. In this state, you gain +4 Constitution, 100% Fortification, +10 to Fortitude Saves, and PRR and MRR equal to the number of Religious Lore feats you have. While in this state and have a Dagger in your main hand, you also gain Vampirism, stacking with other sources of Vampirism.

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