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    Default DDOCast 539 - Past Life Prioritization: Type Casting pt 1

    Guests Voodu, Nimvind, & Bandvp take a look at Update 41’s first Lamannia preview then we start a new series on Past Life Prioritization by taking a big picture look at Heroic and Iconic past lives.

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    Game News - 3:38
    Community News - 41:08
    Lightning Post - 45:46
    Past Life Prioritization: Type Casting pt 1 - 48:36

    Watch shows live at

    DDO Chronicle 309
    Update 41 Release Notes
    U41 Spells Pass
    Update 41 Eldritch Knight Pass
    How to Prioritize Your Past Lives with Gingerspyce and Nimvind
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    I'm really looking forward to eldritch knight, I do love having a character that can mix up spells & melee combat - my current favourite is a melee druid that just ignores animal forms completely (just enough in defender for heavy armour proficiency to wear dragonplate) & runs in fire elemental form with body of the sun, earthquake etc making the most of that immunity breaker from seasons herald plus a load of falconry.

    It's going to be interesting to see what races people go with for eldritch knight - admittedly warforged/bladeforged has the self healing through repairs but humans can get multiple stat boosts while action boosts are active & combined with having both spellpower & melee power at once too, that's pretty significant - gnomes with their colour spray are already strong for int based builds too.

    As usual, it seems to me wizards will be more versatile, whereas sorcerers will need to choose whether to focus more on casting vs. fighting due to having less feats, but might have more multiclassing opportunities with bard or paladin. I suspect sorcerer melee-primary EKs will be better off focussing more on disabling & crowd control magic than blasting since you can get away with less metamagic feats for them.

    Otto's irresistible dance is going to be an absolute must-have for any eldritch knight, even more than it already is now for most casters & especially great for sorcerers with the shorter cooldowns & I wouldn't be surprised the knight-controller enhancement was put together with that rather strongly in mind.

    I like the addition of the new level 1 damage spells, they seem to be adaptations of the level 0 cantrips from newer editions & it'll be nice to be a low level arcane spellcaster that doesn't have to primarily rely on melee weapons. More level 9 spells & adding a bit more kick to the others in between is pretty tasty too.

    I get that it's primarily a spell dps pass, but it's a shame they still haven't removed the HD caps from trap the soul though.

    I think one of the most useful heroic past lives to have (and which has stayed strong since the system's implementation) is wizard, as getting up to +6 spell penetration is really nice for any caster or bard to make sure certain spells will stick when they really have to - eg. the power word spells, or irresistable dance. Of the active ones, I'm fond of warlock on anything that I intend to sneak on, since the confusion clicky doesn't break stealth & the cleric past life can be really useful since it'll accept metamagics & give a pretty nice amount of healing capability, great for fleshy wizards & I've used it very effectively on warlocks too.

    Iconic past lives, shadar-kai is my favourite for the emergency incorporeality at 50% health - extra defense is nice & it lets you pass through enemies too, great if you get stuck.

    Important to note, NEVER use an iconic for those "I don't like playing this class as much, just get through it" lives, since you're committed to playing it through to level 30 - do those on a purely heroic life where you can go for a 10/10 build or similar.

    Racial past lives, I'd say go for gnome first if you can, since an extra point of INT means more skillpoints for every subsequent life plus better spellcasting DCs for a couple of them too.
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