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    Default Bladeforged Paladin build

    I was hoping to find a decent DPS first life Bladeforged Paladin build - are there any suggestions?

    I did have a look at but am not sure if its till up to date.


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    Paladin hasn't changed too much since that build was posted. I would definitely get perfect two handed fighting at 21 or 24 to take advantage of the epic defensive fighting feat and switch the ap in sacred defender from +20% hitpoint stance to +6 strength or con in defensive stance once you hit level 21 and can use the epic defensive fighting feat. Remember when gearing that insightful strength does not stack with divine might's bonus to strength. Other than that gear up str con and cha as much as you can and dont be shy with the smites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetrule View Post
    I would definitely get perfect two handed fighting at 21 or 24
    You and everyone would if that didn't have a ml 26 (

    Anyways, for OP, I don't like KotC, a bit. It's one of the most underperforming dps trees in the game. Bladeforged Paladin is doable if you go vanguard instead. Search for fighter vanguard builds and instead make them pally, you'll have lower dps, higher self healing, better saves, and overall more survivability in solo questing. It can perform a pretty decent dps, even if it's not one of the top 10 dps builds. KotC makes you a one trick pony, and the trick ain't even pretty.

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