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    Default New Ice Armor Cosmetic Items for Risia/Midwinter

    Hey. Risia Ice Games and Midwinter Festival are right around the corner leaving precious little time to add new rewards.

    Ever since Night Revels debuted, each year brings a new version of Reaper Plate and the Reaper Helm. I presume the new Cosmetic Items require relatively little work since they involve recoloring existing assets.

    I suggest picking a small number of existing armors--perhaps one heavy, one light, and one docent--recoloring them in an Ice Armor theme, converting them into straight Cosmetic Items, and then adding them as rewards for the Risia Ice Games and/or the Midwinter Festival.

    By 'Ice Armor' I mean applying the color palette on the Robe of Winter Ice to other armors.

    (Image courtesy of DDO Wiki.)

    For this year, I suggest using the armors from the Eveningstar Challenge Trader as the base variants and adding the Ice Armor versions to the Midwinter Festival for 10,000 Motes of Winter each. My hope is that one artist can make the new variants in an hour or two, then Lynnabel can hook them us as new Cosmetic Items and add them to the relevant trader in another hour or two. I am specifically _not_ suggesting making any alterations to the shape, composition, or textures of the base armors. Again, I know time is very short but perhaps a couple recolors can happen quick enough to make the next patch.

    I am recommending the armors from the Eveningstar Challenge Trader because they are somewhat plain, reserved, and rarely used. Plain means less do-dads to worry about during a recolor. Reserved generally equates to broader appeal. Rarely used means they will seem fresh to many players.

    For naming, perhaps something like Hoarfrost Full Plate of the Midwinter would work.

    Thank you, as always, for your consideration!
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