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    Default Build request: Killing Time Dragon tank

    I would like to ask someone great at building tanks ( I never played a good one ) to suggest me a build to solo tank Killing Time dragon Kor Kaza.

    I have seen some artificer/paladin splash holding well, but the person I play with has a lot of history, Ideally I would do it on a less developed character .

    will need
    - self heal
    - massive elemental absorption
    - and the usual tankiness, great hps.
    - unsure if intimidate is any use

    Bonus points if i dont need another 100k sentexp and still tank ok

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    15cleric/4ftr/1wiz would hold up very well as you can get great numbers with Protection domain and your Aura with the occasional Renewal will definitely keep you up. I solo tanked with a pure ES warlock a few times (only on Hard) and it was really easy other than having to turn the damage aura off when fighting on the larger islands that have spawns when her HP reaches certain levels.

    The important thing is knowing how to clear your stacks and avoid getting jacked by her breath when you're moving and not blocking.

    On a side note the cookie cutter tank tanks can't solo tank that raid very well. Their self healing is very limited and extremely hard to gear for. Found this to be true when I watched a 5500hp arti cookie tank get jacked pretty fast after the inept healer went down. Honest opinion as far as tanks go I still think the cleric split or pure lock are the best options for 99.9% of the game.

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    If you are aiming for r1 or lower difficulties, I think Cleric or FVS splits can be fine.
    FVS split with heavy investment on beacon can work for sure.
    Your AC will be terribile, so you can plan to equip mirrorplate

    Intimidate is a must have... it's the only way you can get the dragon attention during fights

    However, I would prefer to roll a real tank. In my experience, a tank is only useful in the highest difficulties. And the highest difficulties require a proper tank (with a ton of PLs, perfect equip, etc..).

    Arti15/Pally4/Wiz1 is maybe the best split for an entry level tank. You will have hp, easy access to good saves, some self healing capabilities for r1 or lower content (reconstruction, renewal, light the dark, healing hands if aasimar).
    You can buff your party with deadly, and do traps in strahd.
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