Was thinking of doing a fighter past life, going to TR at 20 so capstone and such doesnt matter to me. Are there any good multi class options for 1-20? Im going to use 2H (falchions from level 10 onwards) and Heavy Armor since thats what most of my gear is currently.

Suggestions ive gotten were :

- Take one level of rogue/artificer for traps
- 1 level of barb, presumably for rage
- 1 level of favoured soul for divine might
- 1 or 2 levels of monk (doesnt work for me as i will be using heavy armor)
- Some combination of the above

Looking at the fighter tree, it seems really similar to the paladin tree...so for a 2H build, I would probably have a few points in stalwart defender for the stance and +6 str and the rest in Kensai. Since I would have points left over, that would let me put points into racial trees for more damage. Half-orc seems like the best choice for that, as they get 2H enhancements in their tree.

Any suggestions?