Hi. Our static group is planning to reincarnate to start on our 3rd life and we need 2 more players. Our group has been going steadily since 2014. We meet weekly Mondays at 8 PM Eastern time on the Orien server and play for 2 hours a session. We are easy-going in our approach to the game but do try to run all quests on elite when possible. All experience levels with the game are welcome as well as first-lifers [a couple of us will only be going into 2nd life]. Any class is also welcome as we have not yet decided what classes we will be playing in our next lives. In the past, we have done some light RP and, generally, limit our use of the AH and gear from alt-toons to desperately needed items preferring to use found gear (or gear traded within the group) for a more true RPG experience. We also mainly use voice chat to communicate so the ability to at least listen to that is a definite asset. We are a week or two away from reincarnating so should be starting at lvl 1 on the 19th or perhaps 26th of November (if you have a spare lvl 18-21 character though you are more than welcome to join us next Monday the 12th at 8PM).

If you would like to join or have questions please preferably msg me on here or contact Cyrilath in game on Monday evenings.