Cajun style cracklins. Basically its like if bacon came in entire bite-size cubes just bursting with bacony goodness, with crisp flavorful meat and fat that melts in your mouth.

Get a piece of pork belly with the skin attached. I get mine from an Asian farmers market, you might have to look around for a butcher or market that carries pork belly. Cut it into squares ~1.5" on each side. Heat a deep fryer to 250 with enough oil to cover the cubes and fry for ~90 minutes. Remove cubes, drain, chill in fridge for ~30 minutes until cold throughout. Reheat oil to 350, and fry again for ~3-5 minutes, until fat bands are crispy and golden. Toss in Cajun seasonings and serve warm. Plan to just have half now and eat the rest later, then eat them all in one sitting anyway, and curse that it'll take you two hours to make more.