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    Default Eldritch Knight 2nd Attempt revision

    As I got no replies on my first post, I took it as a failure and rethought my ideas after perusing some forum posts. My suggestions are open to comment and feedback by all means. I figure Harper tree already has INT to hit/dmg and I don't agree w/CHA to hit/dmg w/out divine involvement - just me - so didn't include it in my work up here.
    The touch spells are few in DDO, so I selected what was available (and when I think Spellsword, I think of Beowulf from Final Fantasy Tactics...)

    My opinion of Eldritch Knight take 2 - still too weak/missing the mark or on the right track?
    (Forgive the shorthand):

    Eldritch Knight

    1.(1) Eldritch Strike (as EK but 5sp, 6sec cooldown ), 0.5 Universal Sp Power per pt, -5% ASF per core.
    2.(3) Light Armour prof., +5 PRR & MRR
    3.(6) Ghost Touch, +5 Melee Power, +10 Univ. Sp.Power
    4.(12) Medium Armour prof., +10 PRR & MRR
    5.(18) Eldritch Sword (as AA Shadow Arrows but D/strike). Passive: +1 competence to Critical Dmg Multiplier.
    6.(20) Eldritch Master: +2 (Choose- CHA or INT and DEX or STR) 10% D/Strike, +10 Melee Power, +20 Univ. Sp. Power

    Tier 1
    1. Imp.Mage Armour (as EK)
    2. Toughness (as EK)
    3. Elemental Sword (as AA Ele Arrows, incl Force option- 1d8 scaling w/Sp. Power)
    4. Wand and Scroll Mastery (as EK)
    5. Battle Mage (as EK)

    Tier 2
    1. Imp. Shield (as EK)
    2. Martial Training (2AP, Martial Weap. Prof., T1-3 +1 hit/dmg)
    3. Elemental Sword II (as AA Elemental Arrows II) Or choose: Spell Sword I: -25sp total whilst active- Shocking Grasp or Chill Touch spell delivered via sword, procs 15secs. (DC 10+Caster Modifier CHA/INT+bonuses)
    4. Defense Training I (2AP): -5% ASF & Choose: General Shield Proficiency
    OR Orb Defense: +2 Orb Bonus and +4 MRR
    OR 3% Glancing Blows and +4 PRR
    5. Action Boost: Melee Power or Attack Speed Boost T1-3.

    Tier 3
    1. Arcane Barrier (as EK)
    2. Crit. Mastery +1/2/3 (2AP as Kensai- confirm and dmg)
    3. Elemental Sword III (as AA Elemental Arrows III)
    4. Eldritch Magic (as AA Soul Magic)
    5. Stat (CHA/INT/DEX/STR)

    Tier 4
    1. Defense Training II (2AP, requires Defense Training 1): -5% ASF & Choose: Armour Mastery- +2 Armour and +2 Max Dex bonus.
    OR +4 Orb Bonus and +6 MRR,
    OR +6% Glancing and +6 PRR
    2. Haste Spell sla - Cost 20/15/10sp. Metamagics no cost.
    3. Elemental Arrow IV (as AA Elemental Arrows IV) Or choose: Spell Sword II: -25sp total whilst active (Cumulative -50sp total)- Touch of Idiocy or Ghoul Touch spell delivered via sword, procs 25secs. (DC 10+ Caster Modifier CHA/INT +bonuses)
    4. (Choose 1- 2AP) Eschew Materials, Extend Spell, or Still Spell -10% ASF.
    5. Stat (CHA/INT/DEX/STR)

    Tier 5
    1. Tenser's Transformation (as EK)
    2. Eldritch Power (2AP) Any weapon you wield is an Implement in your hand. +10 Melee Power, +10 Univ. Sp. Power, and 10% D/Strike.
    3. Imp.Elemental Sword (as AA Imp.Ele Arrows)
    4. Eldritch Armour (2AP)- 10%/20%/30% Chance on Being Hit: 1d6 per Sorc/Wiz lvl forceburst 30ft range, and
    knocks triggering attacker down. Works on Ranged and Melee attack. (Activation Cost: 30/20/10sp. Cooldown: 45/30/20 secs)
    5. Metalline Sword (2AP as Occult Slayer, incl. +1 Critical Threat Range.)

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    It's... maybe better than what we have now.

    I still want my big eldritch tempest cleave though - it just needs to scale better, but that's an issue with ALL the wizard tree T5 "big blast" options. In a way EK has the best option, because it does force damage, which few creatures are immune to, AND it has no save for 1/2 damage. You just have to hit, with happens most of the time.

    I kinda don't see that much synergy in this example though. Maybe I'm missing it. I think one big problem with a lot of arcane abilities is they require spell points to cast, and have expirations, to get abilities equivalent to stuff other classes get permanently, for free.

    Improved Mage Armor: +10% AC, until spell expires, costs points to cast.
    Stalwart Defender - many improvements to AC and PRR which are permanent

    Improved Shield - again, costs points, expires
    Warlock - Can get always on "permashield".

    Eldritch Strike - cleave costs 10sp per cleave
    Warlock ES Eldritch Aura/Burst - cleave-like effects that cost no spell points, can do them indefinitely

    Haste - even as an SLA like here, costs points to cast, expires after a few minutes
    Rogue Acrobat - gets 15% speed boost on quarterstaffs, permanently.

    Hell, just having the elemental imbues on slowly drains spell points.

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    --- Eldritch Knight Weaknesses ---

    Wizard hp coupled with poor defenses and limited self-heal ( if not warforged )

    Minor attacks costing spell points

    Bad DPS

    Splitting feats between spell casting and melee ( The bane of all hybrid classes )

    --- Suggestions in addition to yours ---

    Eldritch Strike be given a spell point cost of 0. Share its cooldown with cleave.

    New Enhancement: Gain temporary hit points with every offensive spellcast. ( Stacking )

    Touch range damage spells SLAs

    replace Tier 5 "on being hit" enhancement ( Useful only to tanks and even then )

    New 3rd level enhancement clicky cleave attack. Share its cooldown with great cleave.

    Bring back Eldritch tempest. give it far lower spell point cost and cooldown. ( arcane blast is 6 pts and 6 secs )

    Combat expertise is given as free feat at core 4.

    With an level 5 Enhancment ability spell casting penalities for combat feats ( including the new Epic Defensive One ) no longer apply.

    Tier 5 enhancement gives +5 damage if combat expertise is active. ( similar to swashbuckler and precision )

    Tier 1 enhancment gives "trance" ability of +damage/tactics equal to half of intelligence or charisma bonus. ( similar to war soul ) Wizards will simply go harper if tree does not provide.

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    Thank you both for the feedback and advice, food thought w/the good points and ideas. Much appreciated.

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