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    Default The Little Leafs

    Hello! At the time of this posting, my guild, the "Little Leafs", is approaching guild level 62. As we start to get into higher guild levels, we're starting to open recruitment to all who want to join

    A Bit about ourselves

    Little Leafs is an inclusive guild that's open to invite anyone, period. Whether you've got your reaper wings or you're just starting on ddo, we'll try our best to provide a helpful community for you. While we may not have the fanciest guild airship, or all the cool buffs, we try hard at getting what we can for now.

    Recruitment Details

    Our recruitment is open to all, due to our inclusive nature. However, we do ask of a couple things of anyone who wants to join:
    • Be relatively active - We understand that life comes first, and we're very leniant on this rule
    • Above All: Be nice to everyone. We really stress being kind and helpful to everyone as much as possible, to thrive as a close knit community of friends

    How to Join
    Here are the various ways you can contact me:
    - Little Leaf Official Discord
    - DMing me on Discord: My Discord ID is Tealeaf#2001 for DMing purposes
    - DM on the Forums - DM me directly on the ddo forums, this method might be a bit slower but I will try to get back asap

    - Or just cut out the confusion and just head down below and reply!

    In contacting me to join my guild, please include the following:
    - The fact that you want to join my guild
    - Your character names

    (And no I don't require ALL your characters in my guild, you're free to have alts in other guilds)

    Forever Leafy
    ~ Tealeaf
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