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    Default DDOCast 535 - Update 40 Review pt 1

    Arkat, Voodu & Patrick take a look at Update 40 with our review for Cloaked in Darkness, including Killing Time and The Night Revels!

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    Game News - 2:48
    Community News - 15:40
    Lightning Post - 21:23
    Update 40 Review pt 1 - 23:14

    Watch shows live at

    Update 40 Patch 1
    DDO Chronicle 304
    Voodu: How to Prioritize Past Lives
    Zombie Apocalypse
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    I like the new challenge style in the graveyard, far more rewarding while doing the key & chocolates farming, less lag & requires active engagement which is good.

    The new framework one is pretty fun for revisiting an old stomping ground & looks great.

    The only thing I'd adjust about the changes to how you get the ingredients is to switch one of the ones that grants almonds (both are very short & only on a 1x score) with one of the ones on a 3x score, so each ingredient type would have longer & shorter options.
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