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    Question Looking to bind single hotkey to multiple bars

    Is it possible in anyway to do this?
    Specifically for henchmen (hirelings, companions)
    i.e I'd like to bind Ctrl+Alt+Colon to key1 of all hireling bars...

    I tried mapping ddo.keymap manually to take multiple lines with the same hotkey but a repeated hotkey was simply ignored in the game, so only the first line with each hotkey setup counted and the rest discarded.

    Currently the closest thing I saw was HENCHMAN_ALL_INTERACT_TARGET but that's only for interaction, so... not good enough.

    Is it definitely impossible to setup?
    If so, I would address the dev: Please turn HENCHMAN_ALL_INTERACT_TARGET to HENCHMAN_ALL_key1, key2, key3 and so forth.
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    I don’t know if what your looking for is posible inside the game, but you could set up a external program. Auto hotkey works well for this. Set it up so that clicking a button, say the / button causes the auto hotkey to trigger (alt + /) and (ctrl + /) and have both of thoes bind to individual hotkey locations for the hierling buttons.

    I currently run a auto hotkey script which uses 2 extra mouse buttons (the ones by my thumb) to triger as Alt and Ctr, then have 2 more hotbars bind with alt + (1-10) and Ctrl + (1-10).

    Maybe it will work?

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    I like a program called HidMacros:

    Its a little more user-friendly than AutoHotkey and has the advantage of letting you bind the macro to a single key(as opposed to having to do ctrl + / on autohotkey). Its also capable of doing that for multiple input devices, which may be overkill for your needs but I always liked. My favorite part is that it does not actually require any scripting, you can program your macros through UI.

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