The Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda (on the Ghallanda server) are at it once again.

For the month of October we will be celebrating Mabar / the Night Revels in many ways. Normally we only recruit new members during specific times of the year, and this is one of them! Yes, our doors are open to new hopefuls. Whether you're brand spanking new to the game and want a home, or are a long time vet who wants a change of pace, we accept all styles and levels of experience. We do have some basic rules that all must follow though:

1) Be Respectful. (No Trolling/Harassment)
2) No Politics, Religion, or battle of the sexes discussions in guild chat.
3) Help others when you can.
4) Log in to the website once a month. (we are trying to build up our website to become a hub for information, about the game and about upcoming events, both general game events and guild specific ones like raids, etc)

Not sure if we're a good match for you? No problem! One of the things we're doing during Mabar/Night Revels is activities that are open to all who are curious about us. Join us and run with us, test the waters before you jump in and see if we are right for you. Some things we plan on doing are include things such as:

~ Night Revels candy hunt (wilderness, quests, and the return of the Spectral Dragon)
~ Zombie Apocalypse pvp survival mode (several of us are making characters to utilize the often ignored Zombie Form and will be mindlessly meandering about various tavern brawling pits, ravenous and hungry for living brains. Enter if you dare!) (may or may not spill out into the other areas from time to time)

Contact Ghouldrool and Nofaec in game for more information, or reply here and I will try to answer as best as I can.

Our website is:

Have fun and happy gaming!