Change Described: The skill Intimidate now has a range of 30 meters and a bug with its line of sight check has been fixed.
Issue 1: The range still appears to be 15 meters not 30. Observed that it currently has a similar radius as consecration.
Issue 2: Epic Defensive Fighting reduces the intimidate range to 0 effectively rendering it useless (This skill is not affected by metamagics and therefore should be subjected to the range reduction penalty of this feat).
Issue 3: Archers standing on objects are unaffected by intimidate checks. Seen in Slavers Part 1.
Issue 4: Mobs standing at the lip of a doorway or around a corner within the 15 yard range with a clear path to the tank were not affected by intimidate. The correct implementation would be that you could not affect a mob with intimidate that has no path to the tank.