Yarrr lonely G-Land sinners,
Banned Camp (formerly Captains Crew) is recruiting!

Exhausted over guild drama? (BC leadership is mature, reasonable, patient and helpful toward those that want to seriously advance their DDO experience)
Empty guild channels and no guildies to run with? (BC is very active and seeking more active players)
Tired of underwhelming ship buffs not being available? (BC is 200 guild level with Daedalean Kraken heavy class airship)
Are you aware you could be a better DDO player; but can't quite get the proper advice? (Arguably, there is no better place to find a plethora of class/race/build/gear/content knowledge)
Believe you have a DPS build? (We will personally escort you to our live DPS test run and calculate the DPS for you)

We are even accepting a noob or two; provided you can take instruction and commit to letting us help you improve yourself.
Of course, we also accept return players. We can update you on all the latest content and guide you away from the obsolete content.
We are not a raid-or-log guild, but encourage consistent advancement toward raiding and end-game content.

Our preferred expectations:

- TeamSpeak preferred (with ears/mic); its a free download.
- PST/MST/CST/EST timezone preferred; most accounts are located within these timezones (Or if you are outside zones and play in mentioned timezones)
- Thick-skinned players preferred; (Sometimes the stories and verbiage used can get Rated-R and non-PC for the laughs. No personal malicious/disrespectful intent is ever tolerated)

PM Stratiotis in-game if interested.

PS - We will ask you a few criteria matching questions and maybe a run or two. Questions are not too personal, your toon build will not be chastised, quest run will be at your comfort level.

PPS - Viable tanks and heals are probably shoo-ins.