Hi, this is not a guild for just anyone. It is more for the very most independent and loner players like myself. I founded this guild for myself and my alts but I have spent a lot of money on my game and have the best of about everything, including the biggest and best airship you can buy and every amemnity you can purchase for my guild level which is just 22 but I have worked hard for that.
I am opening it up as it occured to me perhaps there might be some people playing who dont want to be a part of a guild particularly but who could use the use of a nice airship, its buffs, and it would be nice to have others questing and earning guild renown so the guild level might go up faster. But I am a solo player. I might though be interested in joining up with some people for some of the harder quests to do alone. So if you can entertain yourself and mostly are solo players and dont need a guild that will provide others for questing...pm me ingame and I will glad let you try it out.

I will list here my main and most played alts. Drop me a tell or a mail and I will mail you an invite if you dont get me.

Adinah, Hashoshanah, Lillipop, Willowvine, Bityah-1, Lollypopp, Gimiel