Hi everyone!

So, I'm returning after about half a year absence. I'm playing using Wine (If you want to say "dual-boot" please, I know. There are good reasons why I need to use Wine specifically) and a standard launcher (if PyLoTRO is still a thing and could help, that I can switch.)

I can't open the DDO store, it opens to a blank window. I remembered there was an old thread with a workaround, but there's no longer "legacy client" option in the launcher, editing the .ini file manually seems to do nothing, and just copying the file over simply causes the launcher to re-download the non-Awesomium version over it.

I tried to use different versions of Wine (I use playOnLinux) and tried to set the Windows ver Wine reports to XP, with no effect.

So, is the store gone on Linux, or is there a way to make it work?