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Thread: Cleric Problems

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    Default Cleric Problems

    My caster character Shortpact is running a cleric life, and I am sooo frustrated with the build I have.

    I keep running out of spell points. I think I have done as much as I can to boost his spell points he is a morninglord with arcanum 3 and fey tap 2. He is electric domain with a lightning bolt and a chain lightning sla and he is a divine disciple of light with the extra spell points from there and the three weak light sla's. His necro dcs are acceptable for slay living and destruction and he has very good evo dcs.

    But with quests starting to sport 2k + hit point mobs including regular 3k hit point champs with death ward my 2,020 spell points just dont last. My weakish reaper (1 skull usually) dps outside of the lightning sla's combined with maybe 30% or so of mobs being death warded do not offer me much encouragement for epics.

    I am level 16 running wheloon now and the problems I had with quest failure at level 15 are just increasing in frequency. I use a cleric hire with the spell point recharge option. thats 20 uses and about ~500 spell points more but I just seem to run out of blue bar about one or two encounters short of a shrine all the time.

    I typically open up with stunning things with sound burst. picking off a couple of baddies with slay living and destruction, then sound burst again then my two aoe chain lightning (15 second cool down) and holy smite. Both max and empowered as are my other sla's. Then my lazor beam light sla and lightning bolt sla and then my two half way decent light spells sun beam and sun bolt with no metta spell feats then repeat.

    Blade barrier is weak dps I still use it some times but I may be spoiled by Shortpact's recent favored soul life when AOV enhancements added caster level and max caster level to blade barrier and had the spell points and efficient maximize enhancement to maximize it.. a big difference in dps for cleric. The only thing i run metta magics on are my sla's and quicken for heal.

    So does anyone have any suggestions regarding play style tactics or build or gear? I only have 1 cannith crafted wizardry item for 150 something spell points. As it is I am likely to re roll him as a melee with a lesser heart and I dont want to.
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    Soloing is hard with a caster unless you have the guns for the fight not to mention the SP. Either you have enough damage and SP to get through or you have to drop the quest level or party
    up. I use the same tactics as you to replenish SP. I have even ran back to the dungeon entrance and restarted the hireling after the 5 min cool down so i could make it through.

    I play my air domain cleric for fun and i adjust as need be but for you some advice from some savvy veteran casters for gearing options would be a good place to start.

    Edit: Could have some points in falconry for wis to hit damage so you could maul your enemies after the SP tank runs dry
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    A decent DPS caster cleric option is 18/2 Cleric/FVS for Just rewards and increasing Light spell crit. Now I previously ran this when Sunburst was bugged and had auto no fail blindness on mobs (Core 5 from Divine Disciple). This may have been fixed though, so you could go 17/3 Cleric/FVS or 17/2/1 Cleric/FVS/x.

    Just rewards will net you temp sp on light, force, fire, and physical damage spell crits. It will help keep your spell point pool up.

    Now depending on your past lives or past ED lives a few things can help, but assuming you have none to minimal your rotation should consist of just a few things.

    Sunbolt (3 sec cooldown), Lightning Bolt SLA (6 second cooldown), Sunbolt again. Both of these go through a straight line of mobs, so play this like a ranged character and line up the groups. Then finish them off with Chain lightning SLA.

    Also prep them with Soundburst stun to maximize your dps.

    Crits on Sunbolt will help keep your spell point pool.

    Also farm Torc Prince de whatever its called from Zawabi Revenge. It'll give your spell points occasionally when you're hit also helping. If you have greensteel mats then make concordant opposition, but Torc is better and easier to farm even if you have to do 20 completions of Zawabi.
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