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    Does anyone know off the top of their head whether any feats/items affect the DC of Daunting Roar from the Draconic Incarnation destiny? If so, which ones? Most fear effects are Necromancy, but I could see an argument for it being Enchantment, too.

    Of course, it's one of those lovely abilities that doesn't DISPLAY its DC, so you just have to GUESS.

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    Not an answer to your question, but I just realized that since it doesn't appear to be tied to a spell school, and just the raw ability mod, I might be able to twist this effectively onto my melee artificer - thanks!
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    School spells won't increase the dc of daunting roar, but draconic presence will and theoretically any other item/ability that increases DC of fear-based spells.

    While there is no way to confirm it I also believe some but not all generic dc boosts will raise the DC. Since there is no DC displayed it's hard to identify which ones, but when etr was a new thing I ran it on both my wizard and assassin that were both high int (about the same) and it worked decidedly better on my wizard. When nightmother sceptre was new I tried it with the sceptre and it didn't seem like I was getting the full benefit of the sceptre, but it seemed like I was getting some bonuses from some of my generic items, but again there was no way to confirm.

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