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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanesnipr View Post
    Just tried the new feat on my caster arti and tactical detonation, lightning sphere, and blast rod all have the same range as before. Is this wai or am i not supposed to be able to do that?
    Those has normal range, as they are not healing/recovery type spells.


    Ooops. I was under the impression is only affected healing abilities, but it looks like all abilities according to notes. Hmmm... I wonder...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamani View Post
    I'm surprised you where subscribed for so long if that's all it takes for you to cancel it.
    You might want to look into the story of "the straw that broke the camel's back."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkat View Post
    I don't think Blackrazor and Whelm were dropping with mythic +2 or +4 bonuses. I've seen several of each drop and none of them ever had a mythic bonus. I only ever saw one Wave drop and it didn't have a mythic bonus either but one drop isn't enough for me to reach the conclusion that they didn't have mythic bonuses.

    Most of the other stuff could definitely have mythic bonuses but I wouldn't swear that they ALL could.
    They were dropping with mythic bonus i have +2 versions of each

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    Default They have to destroy your mats!

    You cannot be upset about them ruining your old materials the new player and old player divide is big enough. If people just used the materials they famed last year(or the year before.. or 3 years ago..) then there would be a lot less people playing this event, and DDO doesn't have a large enough new player base to support that sort of thing.
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