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    Default DDOCast 531 - Update 39 Review pt 2

    BonnieBew joins Patrick to talk about this weeks news and Shroudpalooza then we have Evennote & Arkat for part 2 of our Update 39 Review!

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    Game News - 1:49
    Community News - 4:26
    Update 39 Review pt 2 - 23:42

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    Falconry tree is interesting - the bird's damage isn't great in itself, so it's more about the +Ws on your attack, particularly in melee & the secondary effects like the fort reduction for longer fights. The animal form trees are already powerful for a melee druid & ideally you want to invest heavily in both whether you go bear or wolf, but if you want to melee in elemental form then it combines amazingly with season's herald for a true hybrid melee/caster - tier 5 SH, fire elemental form & body of the sun for the whole "I laugh at your supposed fire immunity" effect while smacking enemies with weapons is a powerful combination.

    Beacon of hope has been my secondary tree on my capped lord of blades WF FvS & it's been really nice, he's a pretty powerful frontline healer/fighter now & all that extra healing amp in the cores is a great boost.

    Angel of vengeance changes are phenomenal, that sun bolt SLA is basically murder - on one I'm levelling, at level 10 I've been hitting for 400-500 & critting for over 1k at level 10, which just tears through most things, the real trick is lining the mobs up to make the most of it.

    Unlinking the critical boosts from actively raging makes splash barbarians more effective since it means you can simply ignore using rage if needed - swashbuckler/FB with handaxe is a great combo in particular. On frenzied berserker, the DPS increase you saw is likely because the crit boost has changed from the previous "+2 multiplier on 19-20" to a flat +2 to multiplier on all crits, which makes large threat range weapons like falchions even better.

    You mentioned a barbarian bear - I'm already running a frenzied bearserker & it's great fun, they synergise perfectly & you keep your spellcasting ability for druid & primal-based destiny spells (the mix doesn't work anywhere near as well for wolf, just not enough APs for that tree) - while I went with a 13druid/5barb/2 fighter for the extra feats & the missile defence from vanguard, 15druid/5barb would be a great option too & allow you access to earthquake for increased crowd control. Also, if you go PDK you'll be frikken HUGE which is just kinda hilarious if there are any halflings or gnomes in the party
    I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

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