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    Default Strimtom's full build repository

    Hey all. I wanted one place to house all my individual guides so that if you ever need to find a build of mine but can't find the name, it will be here. Full guides will be one section and then just character builds will be another. I have had many people ask me what my builds are after I play them on stream so this is a good place to organize it.


    These guides will stay up to date to the best of my ability with current patches.

    Strimtom's Acid Arrow - A guide for new players to learn the game with a strong and easy to use build.

    Strimtom's Vanguide - A guide for endgame players for super high dps shield smashing action.

    The Maverick Hunter - A guide to melee artificer.

    Strimtom's Forceful Hand - A challenge mode guide to wizard. ***OUT OF DATE***


    These will not be updated, but they represent a build I played on stream. Organized by Update:

    UPDATE 39

    Aasimar Beacon of Hope Healer - Aasimar 20 Favoured Soul
    -Video 1

    Dual Wield Falconer - 10 Rogue/6 Fighter/4 Paladin Elf Dragonmark Falchion Falconer
    -Video 1
    -Conclusion Video

    Wisdom Falconer Occult Slayer Barbarian - Aasimar 20 Barbarian
    -Video 1
    -Conclusion Video

    UPDATE 40

    Double Smash Build - R10 Ranger Build - Scourge Aasimar 20 Ranger Strength Heavy Mace Build

    Strimtom's Falcon Striker - R10 Monk Build - Aasimar 20 Monk Wisdom Unarmed Monk Build

    Update 41

    Eldritch Knight Update - Good Levelling Character - Warforged 20 Wizard Sword and Board Eldritch Knight

    Ice Sorc is Best Sorc - R10 Ice Sorcerer - Dragonborn 20 Sorcerer Water Savant

    Skinny Rager - Wood Elf Easymode Barb - Wood Elf 20 Barbarian Frenzied Berserker with Falchion

    Yogi Bear - Wisdom Bear Druid - Elf 20 Druid Bear using Wisdom and Dragonmark.

    Bark with Bite - R10 Wolf Druid - 20 Half-Orc Druid Wolf using Strength and Two Handed Weapons

    Update 42 - Masterminds of Sharn

    A Sharn Ready Paladin - Vanguard for all seasons - 20 Tiefling Paladin Vanguard using Warhammers

    The Best Way To Level - 20 Tiefling Fire Sorcerer

    Hardcore Build Guides

    Favoured Soul Inquisitive - 18 Favoured Soul/2 Artificer Human Inquisitive using wisdom to hit and damage

    Pale Master Has Never Been Better ~ Versatile and Fun - Halfing 20 Wizard Palemaster

    Update 43 - The Soul Splitter

    Hardcore Wisdom Tempest Ranger - 20 Aasimar Scourge Tempest Ranger
    -Video 1
    -Full Build

    Hardcore Wisdom Wolf Falconer - 17 Druid/2 Fighter/1 Favoured Soul Aasimar Wolf Druid using Falconry
    -Intro Video
    -Conclusion Video

    Henshin Mystic, the Other Monk - 20 Monk Aasimar using Henshin Mystic and Falconry
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