Hi - we took a short break from running the regular heroic ascension chamber raids, but we are going to resume running them on Tuesday and Saturday evenings around 9pm est on Ghallanda.

In general, we will be opening up the raid to level 30 - so no xp (we occasionally tried in the past to run heroic/reaper abbot raids limited to level 19 max with some success, but people tend to level up to epic too quickly).

Look for the lfm up around those times; we will generally try to run the raid twice each night (if there are enough people interested - usually some people drop out after the first run), so try to get your alts flagged (I would not recommend using a raid timer bypass for this raid).

If you need help getting a completed sigil frame or running the 4 litanies to flag for this raid, send me a PM.

If you are not available on these times, let me know and we could run some abbot raids around your time schedule if we can get enough people.

We will also try to pick up running some of the other older raids as well: ADQ/ZR, Chronoscope, Titan Awakes, Fall of Truth and Caught in the Web.