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Thread: WTB Essences

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    Default WTB Essences

    Just farmed the essences myself. Sorry for never replying pskopeta - giving up slavers mats for essences simply wasn't worth it to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrawingGuy View Post
    Title says it all. I want to get my main to 400 so it will be truly capped in everything (other than Reaper XP because that shiz takes stupid amounts of quest runs), but blew my essence stockpile leveling a different toon. Haven't really calculated how much I still really need, so willing to buy pretty much any amount. AH/ASAH prices are dumb, so not going based on that. Just let me know what you need (mats, unbound items, plat, whatever) in game (Pinc), message, or here.

    Thanks all!
    Hey i'm looking for legendary unbound slavers mats, i would say i have 30k essences, lemme know your trading ratio (not at home but i would say i need not the same amount of each, tomorroe will be more precise lol)

    In my case also think the asah prices are out of the equation (ppl keep posting 1 mat/1 as lol)

    yup, rechecked and i have 30k essences, and my needs on legendary unbound mats are

    1st broken collar and shackle
    2nd chain links (given the difference in my stock, i would not mind not getting chain links XD)
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