After the positive reception of my last converted module, The Salvation of Korthos, I decided to keep working on some more adventure conversions. Here is a short one that was I going to scale down for my home campaign, but kept it as is for the DDO forum. I am still working on others that are a bit longer. Let me know what you guys think of this one. Homebrewery is still a bit quirky, so note that the document opens best when using Chrome.

Module: Delirium at the Sleeping Spell Inn
Level: This adventure module is for PCs level 15
Description: When a young foolish mage from the Twelve attempted to impress some of the barmaids at the Sleeping Spell Inn with a powerful but unstable artifact, the resulting mishap caused him to accidentally open a portal to Xoriat - the Plane of Madness. The PCs must now endure Xorian Madness to rescue the remaining patrons and close the portal before Stormreach is overrun with the insane and horrific creatures. This is an adventure for PCs level 15 and adapted from the Dungeons and Dragons Online video game.