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    Quote Originally Posted by blerkington View Post
    . But if I were in a group doing harder stuff, depending on what else was in the group I'd likely prefer to see a cc/instakill caster or another melee with better DPS instead.
    Expand your view.

    Imagine a case where you had a tank, 3 glass cannon dps, and a cc/instant kill caster. You would say that the best choice for the group would be to fill the last slot with a healer, so all roles are filled.

    But you would be wrong. It is correct that with such a group, the best choice to fill the last slot would be a healer. However, the best choice for the group would be for all 5 of them to reroll as necrobarbarians, then add a healer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilomere View Post
    I totally ripped off ifumoveudie's build to make this.

    Damonzz wanted a caster that could deal damage in reaper, so I decided to make him one. Since no traditional caster is allowed to deal damage in higher reaper to enforce trinity game play (casters are all relegated to healer supports), we are starting with a pure 20 barbarian as our DC casting platform.

    Barbarians have a unique instant kill, Visage of Terror, as the Ravage Capstone that instant kills up to six nearby enemies on an opposed stat check, based on Con. Since this bypasses additional saves in reaper, it is easier to land in reaper due to Con available in the reaper enhancement tree. Visage is not a spell, so is not subject to spell resistance, and will kill even things like wisps that are otherwise very difficult to DC cast on. So we want a max-con build.

    But, for Damonzz, we also want casting. The heroic spell book doesn’t scale into epics, and all dps spells suck in higher reaper, so we will only add in instant-kill DC casting from Mass Frog. Mass Frog bypasses deathward and works on basically everything, so combined with Visage of Terror above it will wipe out the rest of the group. Mass Frog is based on wisdom and Transmutation DC, so we also want a high wisdom build. As a high wisdom build, we also might as well avail ourselves to healing hands.

    We can then dire charge into the champs with death ward, hit Mass Frog to kill 5 mobs including the DW champs, then rage and hit Visage to kill 6 more, then start to melee.


    Race: Aasimar or Aasimar Scourge
    Class 20 Barbarian Chaotic Good

    41 AP Ravager C6, T5, 6 Constitution, Aura -2 all stats, -2 will saves on crit, Hardy Rage
    13 FB Extra Rages, Supreme Cleave
    7 Racial AP Aasimar/Scourge, Healing Handsx3, 2 Wisdom (Fixed - thx Unbongwah!)
    26 AP Falconry (Wis to hit/dmg/ktax2), expose weakness, coordinated strike, 2 Con

    Heroic Feats: Magical Training, PA-GC, THFx3,
    Epic Feats: OC, Completionist, IC:X, Arcane Insight or Embolden
    Destiny Feats: PTHF, Mass Frog, Dire Charge, Plane of Earth


    Goggles: Cannith Crafted Blindness Immunity, Melee Alacrity, Ins. Wisdom
    Head: Slave Lords Sorcery:
    Aasimar Armor:
    Scourge Armor:
    Belt: Slave Lords Sorcery: Wisdom 17, Accuracy 28, Stunning 20, Quality Wisdom 4
    Ring 1: Slave Lords Sorcery: Sheltering 45, Resistance 14, UMD 7, Quality Con
    Gloves: (Acid Spell Power, Ins. Tactics, Ins. Accuracy)
    Ring 2: Slave Lords Sorcery: Strength 17, Armor Piercing, Tendon Slice, Quality MRR
    Boots: Slave Lords Sorcery: Dex 17,Deception, Concentration, Quality PRR, Augment: Wizardry
    Mass Frog Weapon Swap 1: with sentient Ottos +Eye of The Beholder 4 DC and 1 Wisdom
    Mass Frog Weapon Swap 2:
    Main Weapon: Torn with Prowess, Alt weapon 2h Blunt with Blood Feast


    We can't cast while raged, but we want to be raged for Visage DC, so we will create a rotation that allows both as best as possible, tweak as u see fit for dungeon:

    2 minute Barb Rage/Frog/Visage Rotation:

    1 sec Mass Frog > 2 sec Tensor's + Rage >3 sec Visage > 33 sec Visage > 63 sec Visage > 64 sec Dismiss Rage > 65 sec Mass Frog > 94 sec Visage without Rage > repeat at 125 sec


    Epic Destiny:
    LD with Conx6
    Twists: Sense Weakness, Fade into Darkness, Spell Focus Transmutation (from prior life, but can't feat swap this life to keep), Acute Instincts, Primal Scream

    18 base + 7 level + 8 tome +4 Racials + 19/9/4/2/1 items and augments +6 ravager +2 falconer +5 primal scream +4 Tensor’s +2 ship +2 yugo +11 rage +6 ED +2 feat +4 Reaper +4 reaper helm/remnatn pot = 120 Con most of the time (1 in 4 Visage’s at 105 Con.)

    75DC Visage, but opposed stat check not will save so ignores reaper scaling and should land easily.

    Dire Charge DC 55 (Con 120) + 30 levels base + 21 wisdom KTA untyped +6 LD + 3 PL + 20 SL Crafting + 6 Insightful = 141 DC


    20 base +8 tome + 4 racials +17/7/4/2/3/2 items and augments +2 racial enhancements +2 Acute instincts +2 ship +2 yugo +2 feat+4 Reaper +1 Sentient +4 reaper helm/remnant pots = 94 Wisdom

    Mass Frog DC:
    30 Level + 7/4/2/4/2 Gear and Augments +3 Twist +42 Stat +4 Feats (averaging Arcane Insight) +3 Reaper +4 DC Sentient = 105 DC Mass Frog

    Save + Stat Debuffs: Dire Charging in will activate -2 will saves from crits, and aura will give -2 all stats.


    PRR will be very good, with additional PRR from Scion of Earth (20), Bloodrage Chrism (30), barb wearing medium armor 45 plus bonus 10, on top of blitz 30, sheltering 52, quality sheltering 11, enhancements 12, and past lives 36. Probably more I'm missing.

    MRR will likewise be fairly good.

    HP will be bonkers, since we have a Con build, especially with the new epic melee defensive feat available to be toggled on giving 25% more.

    Healing with blood feast filligree + Visage + blood strength (bypassing reaper) comboing off each other will be fantastic, combined with healing hands on a wisdom build is going to be gnarly.

    Plus we get the new 11% damage reduction that barbs get instead of DR in the next patch.

    Fortification bypass will be 28% slavers + 5% ship + 50% falconry + 30% Torn = 113%

    DPS, well, it won't be monk, but its better than any other DC caster in the game.
    Tilo i think now its time to build an eldritch knight build for my friend Damonz...
    What you think?
    In game in Cannith as
    Aborim Master (main toon) --- Nickallin (my tank)--- Jjnick (warlock 30) --- Nickpunick ()--- Nickruvido (my healer)--- Nickallinone (shuri build)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alled78 View Post
    Tilo i think now its time to build an eldritch knight build for my friend Damonz...
    What you think?
    I had a couple ideas bouncing around. Trying to break 100 spell pen to see if it would crack golems/wisps so one could instant kill everything with an earthshatterer warhammer, and trying to optimize a centered archmage burst build, so you could burst kill everything with raw damage.

    I"m still on heroic racials, so it's too soon for me to figure it all out though for epics.
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