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    Default Questions for Devs: Some Falconry enhancement DC tooltips not adding up properly

    Hi Devs,

    I just wanted to start by saying I am really enjoying playing the Falconry tree, nice work there
    I have a Monk 20 that uses tier 5 Falconry (41 APs), tier 4 Vistani (26 Aps) with 13 APs in Ninja. Dual daggers, WIS to hit, dmg and tactics DCs in GMoF EDestiny. Great fun!

    I, however, noticed that the DC tooltip for 'Death from Above strike' and 'Coordinated strike' is not fully updating [they both display 70 DC], whereas 'Diving attack strike' is [displays 94 DC]. They all use the same formula, hence me noticing a difference (I have screenshots, but do not know how to upload them here). Perhaps it is just their tooltip not fully updating? It could potentially be showing the real DC, and therefore, not fully calculating it as it should per formula?

    I hope you are able to have a look at this when you have a chance, and thanks for all the great changes you have been implementing in the game: I have been playing since 2006, and I must say I have never had this much fun playing so many classes and characters (17 active alts in total) in years.

    N.B. 'Deadly instinct' does not affect any of these Falconry DCs, as well as none of the GMoF attacks [only affects Dire charge and Quivering palm]. Also wondering if this is WAI?

    Best wishes,
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    I am seeing this problem too

    The bird aoe and killer bird do not add extra bonuses
    The strike for they eyes shows proper dc
    It's not adding the +3 from the tree, and the +5 assassinate from ml21 gloves I got on.
    Tooltip is wrong?
    I don't know haven't tested enough to see the difference.
    But wanted to point out this is a problem
    I will bug report it

    Needs lynnabels attention
    Vishantii (the bird man)
    Kil (heroic and epic completionist)

    Sarlona, Heart of Wisdom

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